Irene,Age:30 (Content Writer)

I went through a stressful and difficult time previously, I ate very little and it caused my body weight loss down suddenly. Hence, it directly affected my breast size became smaller and a little sagging problem.

Until I met the Miracle Bra Pads product, I had great expectations for it. After a month of using it, the breasts had some improvement.
In the first week, I felt very tired and hot, the situation continued until the ninth day of use and then return to normal. Then gradually I realized that the breasts became firmer than before, and it is more obvious that the color of the areola is much lighter.
I also observed that after two weeks of using Miracle Bra Pads, it was before my menstruation and menstruation period, the breasts did not feel swell and pain as before, it really surprised me.
Besides that, after using Miracle Bra Pads, I have more energy and have a quality sleep now, which make me work better during the day.