Where is the production of the Miracle Bra Pads?

The production is in Shanghai, and the research & development of the product is conducted by Japan and Malaysia (BAE Company).

What is the Miracle bra pad made of?

It is made of cotton fabric and fluff pulp which is used for absorbing fluids.

Is it safe to use?

Yes. Each production batch of Miracle Bra Pad is independently tested for the microbes count and the chemical contents. Furthermore, it is manufactured by an ISO certified factory, which complies with the required international safety standards.

Is it suitable for women with breast tumors or who had breast surgery before?

The use of Miracle Bra Pads does not affect benign tumors. According to a report conducted by the company in the past, the product can help improve tumor problems without affecting it. If you had the breast surgery previously, there may be a slight tingling sensation when using the product, which is helping to recover and repair the breast problem, is considered as a good improvement response.

Can the flat-chested women use for breast enlargement?

There have been cases of breast enlargement, but the effect of lifting the breast cup sizes varies from person to person, depending on the individual’s body condition and physique.

Who can use?

The Miracle Bra Pad is suitable for females of all ages.

Is the bra pad suitable for breast feeding mothers?

Yes. In fact, the bra pad is clinically known to induce the production of breast milk.

Wearing Miracle Bra Pads during exercise, will sweat affect the function of the Miracle Bra Pads energy chip?

Sweat does not affect the performance of the Miracle Bra Pads, unless it is already soaked, then you have to replace it with a new one. Therefore, we encourage ladies wear Miracle Bra Pads while exercising.

Why is Miracle Bra Pad so special?

Miracle Bra Pad has been infused with unique blend of infrared minerals by using a patent pending process. The benefits of Miracle Bra Pad can be found in the product literature.

How often should I change the bra pads?

For hygiene reasons, you should change a new pair of Bra Pads every day.

Must I change the Miracle Bra Pads daily?

Firstly, based on personal hygiene issues, it is recommended to change every day, but if it is cold
weather, or if you are staying at home, there is no activity, and you don’t sweat very much, The pair of Miracle Bra Pads can be worn for two days. Second, the energy of the Miracle Bra Pads has a certain degree of stability, so in general, it is enough to use for two days, but if a person has more toxins accumulated in the body, or a weak and sick person must change it daily.

For how long should I wear the bra pads?

For the first 30 days you should wear the bra pads throughout the day, and if possible, night time too. After that you can wear it according to your personal needs. However, after the first 30 days, it is recommended that you wear the bra pads consistently during the day time for the optimal results.

Why do I feel tired and/or thirsty after using the Miracle Bra Pads?

The commonly observed phenomenon is known as “crisis healing”. It is a process whereby your body is reacting to the effects of wearing Miracle Bra Pads. The “crisis healing” period will usually subside after a few days.

Can Miracle Bra Pad relief menopause symtoms?

Yes. Our clinical study have shown that 80% of the women who volunteered in the study have enjoyed substantial relief from menopause symptoms.

Do Miracle Bra Pads have similar function as nursing pads?

Yes. But Miracle Bra Pads have many more benefits as compared to nursing pads. Please refer to section of Miracle Bra Pad benefits.

I feel a warm/tingling sensation on my breasts after using the Miracle Bra Pads. Is this normal process?

Yes. It is common to experience such sensation as the blood circulation rate is improved. This is part of the “healing crisis” process that is usually found after using the bra pads.

What can I wear bra pads in?

It can be worn comfortably every day in your regular bras as well as lingerie, gowns, wedding dresses, strapless bandeau tops, and leisure wear.