19+ Anytime Face Mist
19+ Keep Your Skin Younger and Glowing!

19+ is the first and only beauty and skincare product infused with the Bio-Activated Energy (BAE) technology. 19+ is a mist made with all natural ingredients with no chemical or banned substance. It is a skincare and beauty care product possessing ingredients that can tighten and lift the skin.

As a mist, 19+ is an all-in-one product that replaces a toner, eye cream and face cream/moisturiser. Only 1 step, spray the mist on your face, with its 3-in-1 capability, 19+ provides convenience and thereby saves on the precious time spent on the conventional skincare regime which usually involves many steps. Although not created specifically for acne, 19+ may help with acne outbreaks.

19+ is thought of as an experiential and emotional product that helps to turn back the clock for any user, instilling a sense of ageless feeling and of becoming young again. This may be more obvious for women aged 30 and above because of the biological change they experience where some will also begin to feel insecure about themselves. As such, 19+ is a must-have product for those yearning to return to the age of 19+ again, spotting supple, firmer and glowing youthful skin.

19+ is categorised in the middle to luxury segment and uses only the best of the natural ingredients. The all natural 19+ delivers all that are required of a beauty and skin care product and this includes tightening, whitening, anti-aging, and reducing the enlarged and open pores. 19+ also softens the skin to baby-like by hydrating, moisturising and replenishing the skin, leaving a refreshing and radiant face after each use.

For those struggling with an oily face, 19+ is an ideal companion to help balance the oil or sebum on the face. Just going through the normal routine of using 19+ will help to rebalance the moisture, water content, sebum and the overall appearance of the face.

The advantages and ingredients of 19+:
The benefits of 19+ are:
The benefits of 19+ are:

·Softens Skin
·Anti Allergic
·Sebum Balancing
·Reduce Enlarged or Open Pores

Tthe recommended steps of using 19+ :
Tthe recommended steps of using 19+ :

1. Cleanse the face in the morning after a night’s sleep. Then, towel dry face.
2. Spray 19+ on the face sparingly instead of using the toner. 19+ can also be used on the neck if needed.
3. Tap the face to improve the absorption rate. Wait a few minutes until it dries.
4. Spray a second time to reinforce the effects of 19+.
5. After that, one can proceed to apply make-up.

The Best of Ingredients:
The Best of Ingredients:

·BAE Water
·Lactic Acid
·Sodium Hyaluronate
·Polygonum Cuspidatum Root Extract (Hu Zhang)
·Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract
·Liquorice Root Extract
·Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract

19+ is Specially Formulated for Who?
  • Suitable for every women, who aspire to look like 19+ again and for those aged between 30 to 60.
  • Suitable for men who need skin care
  • Suitable for people who wear make-up, to make your make up look more radiant and smooth
  • Suitable for people who need anti-aging product
  • Suitable for people who have dull and dry skin
  • Suitable for sensitive skin, dry skin and oily skin