Miracle Technology
BAE harnesses quantum physics

The Miracle Bra Pads’ Cosmic Energy Bra Stickers is made by BAE (Bio-Activated Energy). BAE’s technology stabilises the bonds between molecules by strengthening the existing bonds and reinforcing the weakened (or “broken”) bonds. In the same way, BAE harnesses quantum physics to enhance the important cells in a human body by firstly strengthening the bond of the molecules so that our bodies can perform at optimum levels. The energy that is present within the human body’s cells and molecules have the propensity to improve the well-being of the molecular being itself and its movement (or vibration), consequently promoting a better physical and mental health through the stability of the molecules. The energy in question is none other than the popularly known “magnetic waves”.

The materials and ingredients contained in the energy film (also known as the energy chip) within the Miracle Bra Pad Cosmic Energy Bra Stickers are:
BAE minerals
Directly harnessed from the energy of the natural sunlight, it is then reproduced as BAE’s minerals. Via BAE’s advanced manufacturing technology, the enriched minerals such as nitrate and phosphate are then crystallised like deep sea minerals to become the one and only of such minerals in the world - the BAE minerals.
Contains silicic acid’s negative ion effects such as calcium, magnesium, iron and aluminum, which are effective in helping perspiration, promoting blood flow through far infrared and activating enzymes in the body. It also has deodorising and anti-mildew properties, capable of relieving insomnia, neuralgia, coldness etc.
Titanium Ore
It soothes and relaxes muscles through the magnetic force while also promoting blood circulation, fatigue recovery and enhancing vitality.
Medical Stone (or Maifanitum)
Among the 13 minerals required by human beings, medical stone (or maifanitum) can provide 8 that are vital to our bodies. It also has detoxification capabilities and able to absorb from our bodies harmful heavy metal elements, organohalogen compounds, bacteria etc.
The generation of negative ions through pressure and temperature changes helps to improve problems such as insomnia and imbalances in the nervous system etc. Through the process of reducing pure sterling silver to the smallest applicable form, nano silver can amplify electric energy and exert powerful and effective antibacterial functions, not forgetting deodorising capabilities.
Miracle Bra Pads 宇宙能量胸罩垫里头所置入的能量片 (也称为能量芯片) 所蕴藏的材料成分包括有:
BAE 矿物
其是从阳光中所提取的能量,再产生为矿物的一种材料;透过 BAE 的独特制造技术,将富含矿盐如硝酸盐及磷酸盐的深海水结晶,由此产生出 BAE 独有的矿物。
蕴含具有负离子效应的硅酸,如钙、镁、铁及铝,有效于帮助排汗,通过远红外线促进血液流 动及激活体内酶,同时还有防臭防霉的效果,纾解失眠、神经痛与冰冷等问题。
在人类所需的 13 种矿物质当中,麦饭石可提供其中极为重要的 8 种矿物质释放给人体;同时还具有排毒功效,以吸附人体内有害的重金属元素、有机卤素化合物及细菌等。
透过每日贴上 Miracle Bra Pads 来帮助你提升胸部的美观,让你的体态更加姚挑动人,有魅力!